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Welcome to New Chilling Tales



Welcome to New Chilling Tales.com…a new website about the short classic films that Jane Merrow is making through her Production Company Lara-Media Productions.

Here you can view the three films we have made so far here and purchase the DVD’s if you wish.  You can also watch the films on a mobile device!

My plan is to make many short horror films written from the stories by the great classic Masters of story telling.

So far we have made:  Beware of What You Wish For (based on the W.W. Jacobs tale The Monkey’s Paw), The Tell-Tale Heart by the American master Edgar Allan Poe,  The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and coming soon:  THE DAMNED THING by Ambrose Bierce.

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The Damned Thing

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New Chilling Tales – Coming to the world!

New Chilling Tales is off to market…the mobile market, you know smart phones, note books, Ipads, laptops, there are nearly 7 billion mobile phones world wide……get the picture?   Hope you do!

New Chilling Tales…THE DAMNED THING FINISHED and off to market

We have finished our latest film THE DAMNED THING by Ambrose Bierce, which has been accepted into the Sun Valley Film Festival and will soon be available on this site as a DVD.   Then it’s off to market with all four films, to raise more money from sales or partners to make more NEW […]